Smart Door Locks vs Digital Door Locks


What’s the difference between smart door locks vs digital locks? Aren’t they the same thing? Well, not exactly. In fact, the distinction between smart door locks and digital locks is an important first step towards finding the lock that works best for you; smart or digital. 

In this article, we’ll look at what makes these locks different; whether they’re smart or digital.

What Is The Difference Between a Smart Door Lock and a Digital Door Lock?

The difference between smart door locks and digital locks comes down to one simple factor – smart door locks can be controlled by an app on your smartphone, while digital door locks cannot.

Because of that, there isn’t really a one-size-fits-all answer as to whether or not a smart door lock is better. The answer depends on whether or not you are comfortable with controlling your door lock with your smartphone. For those that want to use their phone, smart door locks offer that functionality. For everyone else, digital locks offer methods that smart locks use such as PIN codes, fingerprint scanning, RFID tags, etc.

What Are The Best Kinds Of Smart Locks?

Smart locks are great because they offer advanced security with the convenience of an easy to use mobile app. You get an unprecedented level of control, as you can monitor and even change your home’s security from anywhere at any time using your smartphone. 

Features include:

  • Remote smart locking and unlocking
  • A one time smart password to easily grant access to your home for a specific person
  • Duration keys for regular visitors
  • Notice of arrival notifications direct to your smartphone, so you always know who is in your house and when


This kind of smart lock uses a minimalist approach. It functions as a small and unassuming smart lock that is controllable by your smartphone. However, if you are looking for a smart lock for your home with a little more functionality, this may not be the smart door lock for you. 


This smart door lock is very comparable to digital locks in terms of features and unlocking methods. Not only do you gain many different ways to open your door coupled with the ease and convenience of smart phone control, but you also get double verification, Wi-Fi supported app control, voice guided setup, etc. However, there are alternatives if you are of the opinion that less is more.


This smart lock comes with push-pull functionality on top of all of the smartphone features that make it a smart door lock. Couple that with its easy to install build and its many tricks and features, and you’ve got an incredibly robust smart lock. It’s also incredibly streamlined in terms of design and use, making it a preferable alternative for the SHP-DP609.

What Are the Best Digital Lock Options for Your Home?

Digital door locks might not have the smartphone features that distinguish smart locks, but they are still a complete smart security solution combining sophisticated technology and intuitive design. In the section below, we have listed some of the best digital locks you are going to find on the market.


This is a rim lock that seamlessly fits any door, offering both easy installation and simple bluetooth capabilities. Its access methods include a PIN code, RFID key tags and access cards, as well as bluetooth accessibility. It’s the perfect digital lock if simplicity is your biggest aim.


This lock is the easiest to use, combining a standard lock design with a PIN code, Phone app, or RFID chip unlock method. If you’re looking for straightforward convenience as well as security, and you don’t want anything too elaborate, this is the lock for you. 


This is a push-pull digital door lock that offers multiple features, including; easy installation, adjustable volume control, emergency power supply, low battery alarm, auto locking, a random security code feature and double authentication. Overall, it’s a solid lock that delivers on home security.


If you want a stylish, small, easy to use lock for your door, this is the kind of lock that you just can’t go wrong with. It’s so easy to seamlessly integrate this lock with your existing deadbolt system, thanks to its compact design.


The P717 is very similar to the P718, but with a more streamlined design that is better suited to those looking for a digital ock that isn’t as feature heavy. It still retains a lot of important features, including security assurance and an intrusion alarm; so you’re never skimping on security. 


This is one of our most sophisticated locks. Its mortise build makes it a heavy duty security device, and its security capabilities are bolstered by a huge range of features, including double authentication, an “away mode”, an intrusion alarm and security assurance.


If you are looking for the features of the SHP-DH538, but you’d rather have RFID functionality instead of fingerprint scanning, the SHP-DH537 is the digital lock you’re looking for.

Where Can I Get The Best Smart Locks Or Digital Door Locks?

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