Buying a Keyless Door Lock? Which One is for You: DP609 vs DR708?


Most people have had a sinking feeling of hearing a door snap shut just as they realise their keys are on the other side at some point. 

If you have a traditional door lock, regaining access may require you to call a locksmith, or hope you can find the hide-a-key buried in your garden, or smash your window. 

Keyless door locks were once considered a luxury item, as they were costly and required professional installation and wiring. However, keyless door locks have followed as home technology has advanced and smart homes have become more common, with simple homeowner-installed options and integration with smart devices. 

A keyless lock allows you to enter the house in seconds using a keypad code, fingerprint, or a quick swipe on your phone.

Secure your home and live the safe and convenient life you've always desired. Here are the top two options to choose from. 

Samsung SHP-DP609

If you’re looking for a push-pull handle smart lock that offers you multiple unlocking methods, double verification, Wi-Fi supported app control, voice guidance for easy set up and a wealth of other security features; the SHP-DP609 is the one for you.

What are those security features? Well, they include:

  • Away Security Function, so your home can stay secure, even if you go out frequently or for long periods of time
  • Intrusion Alarm, so your home is secure, even if someone tries to pull the door forcefully or enter the incorrect PIN for 5 consecutive times
  • Security Assurance Function, so you can secure your privacy in-home by preventing your door from unlocking from the outside

Samsung SHP-DR708

If you want a smart lock with a smaller alternative to a door handle, the SHP-DR708 has just that, with a large open/close button that is easy to use. Of course, if you personally want a completely hands-off approach to your smart lock, you can always just use your phone and completely control your locks from the app as well.

It also comes with the security features of the SHP-DP609, so you’re not missing out!

Comparison Chart 

Free Installation for DP609 & DR708 

The average cost is around $200, which makes sense considering the cost of tools, transportation, and the effort itself. That is how much you will save if you take advantage of our EOFY offer for free installation.

Have any questions? Without a doubt. That's why we've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about these services. As previously stated, if you have any questions that you believe we may have overlooked, please get in touch with us as soon as possible so that we can respond.