Digital Door Lock Bunnings: Get the range of Samsung Digital Door Locks from Bunnings!


Digital Door Lock & Bunnings: Get the range of Samsung Digital Door Locks from Bunnings!

At Digital Door Locks, we are proud to announce that our range of Samsung smart door locking products are being stocked by Australia’s largest hardware supply chain – Bunnings Warehouse!

Bunnings as we all know sells the best tools and accessories, so it only makes sense that they get their smart locks and digital door locks from Digital Door Locks.  

What Does This Mean For Me As a Customer?

Good question! 

The short, obvious answer is that you’ll get the best quality digital door locks; whether you purchase directly from us, or you decide to buy one of our products from Bunnings.

Below, we’ve listed some more reasons why Bunnings being our biggest customer should have you excited:

Better Accessibility

We started in 2007, and have since gone on to provide products for over 100,000 happy customers all over Australia. That’s why we are recognised as a premier business partner with Samsung Group, supplying and installing their products into residential and apartments projects.

However, Bunnings purchasing their digital door lock stock from us gives us a physical presence that we otherwise wouldn’t have. If you want to see our stock in-person before you buy, all you have to do is go to one of the many Bunnings in Australia and see for yourself.

Better Stock

Because Bunning is receiving the best possible stock from us, you can rest assured that you are getting that same quality if you choose to purchase from them.

After all, we are the only Authorised Distributor for Samsung Door Lock and Smart Security Products in Australia. So we don’t mean it lightly when we say that we lead the market in the digital door lock industry. We will take your security needs seriously.

More Extensive Customer Care

Do digital door locks leave you with any questions? Don’t worry, you can receive effective customer service from two different qualified outlets; Bunnings and Digital Door Locks.

The same applies to installation for your digital door locks, which both Digital Door Locks and Bunnings provide. 

Bunnings coordinates their installations using a third party service known as Hipages, selecting a specialist to send to the customer’s home in order to conduct the installation. Meanwhile, at Digital Door Locks, we have our own highly qualified specialists who come to you to install your locks.

But, what if you want to install your lock yourself? After all, digital door locks aren’t difficult to install, so it is perfectly understandable that you would want to do it yourself. Consider it done! Digital Door Locks’ website has a comprehensive customer care section that contains information videos and instruction manuals on all of the digital door locks that we have in stock. 

Where can I get Digital Door Locks?

If you’re looking for the best digital door locks, you’ll find what you’re looking for at Digital Door Locks’ online store. In addition, you can contact us with any questions you might have, and we will help you achieve maximum security for your home at an affordable price.