Best Smart Security System for Your Home


“Why would anybody need a Smart Security System for their home?” is a question that we tend to hear a lot. However, a smart security system for the home is the epitome of “better to have one and not need it, than to need one and not have it”. In fact, the goal of a smart security system in your home is to have it and never need to use it.

A Smart Home Security System is a collection of devices that, when used in tandem in one’s home, provide advanced home security for a location by automating a wide range of protective processes and systems. The end result is easier and more effective home security systems, and all of the individual perks that come with that.

What Goes into a Smart Security System in the Home?

As mentioned previously, a smart home security system consists of multiple devices that work together to provide security to your home. It is called a “smart home security system” in the first place because it uses advanced technology to provide a heightened level of security in the home that would be impossible through more conventional analog security methods and systems.

These smart home security devices are typically connected through a centralised hub (usually your smartphone), which allows them to share information and react to one another. This creates a more cohesive home security system that tailors itself to your needs. 

Smart Doorbells/Video Intercom Systems

Back in the earlier days of home security systems, all a doorbell would do is play a sound that reverberated through your home. You wouldn’t know who was at the door, and the only way to find out would be to go to the door… not exactly ideal for home security systems.

Nowadays, thanks to advancements in home security systems technology, you don’t have to directly interact with your front door until you’re comfortable. You can live with the security that you will be alerted when someone approaches your home, you can see who they are and you can choose whether or not to interact with them. You are given security and complete control over what happens when someone approaches your home.

Smart Door Locks

Digital Door Locks play an important role in a smart home security system, and are one of the best ways to ensure the security of your home. With the latest in smart lock systems technology for your home, you can open your doors in a variety of ways;

  • Using a home security app on your smartphone to control the lock remotely
  • Using a fingerprint scanner embedded in the smart lock
  • Typing out a home security PIN code onto a keypad
  • Scanning an RFID home security tag
  • Even using a good old-fashioned key

Not only does this offer you an unprecedented level of convenience and, of course, home security; but all of these systems and features are great home security systems solutions to keep out potential intruders. Additionally, the home security app will automatically register everybody that interacts with your home’s smart lock, including whether they entered or exited, and the day/time the interaction took place.

Smart Key Safes

Smart door home security locks certainly give you alternatives to using keys to unlock the doors. But, that doesn’t mean you are obligated to use them if you prefer keys with your home systems. Smart key safes allow you to store your keys outside your home in devices that can only be opened through methods such as:

  • Manual locking/unlocking in your home using your smartphone
  • RFID home security tags or NFC chips
  • A PIN home security code on a keypad

That’s right. Don’t just secure the front door of your home, secure your home keys as well. With home security systems like this; you can make sure that a) Nobody has access to your keys if you don’t want them to, and b) You won’t lose your keys again.

Smart Security Cameras

Outdoor home security cameras are great tools for home security systems because they combine so many of the best aspects of various entries on this list. Not only do you get the high quality video surveillance of home security systems cameras, but outdoor home security cameras also come equipped with motion sensor lights and even sirens. 

They’re one of the best deterrents if you’re worried about potential break ins to your home. Depending on the outdoor home security systems cameras you get; you can also get push notifications when the cameras catch something, you can automatically track the movement of whoever is at your home and you can watch the security systems footage in real time.

Motion Detector/Sensor Lights

Motion sensor home security lights are not only easy to install, but they have two distinct uses that can make your home systems safer. The first is that they serve as a guide, both for you and any guests. The more visibility to your home they offer at night, the less likely you or any of your loved ones are going to risk an injury or a bump. The other (more home security systems oriented) use is that it can scare off anybody who is loitering around your home at night. They can also send push notifications to your phone, so you’re always aware of when your home security systems lights are activated.

Smart Accessories

There exist all kinds of accessories that can enhance your smart home security systems devices, as well as further tailor your smart home security system so that it meets your needs. These act as points of connectivity between your devices, allowing them to interact with each other and form your smart home security system.

These home accessories include;

  • Extended storage, such as hard drives and SSDs, that can store large quantities of home security systems camera footage with a high video quality.
  • Wi-Fi antennas that can boost the connectivity and signal strength of your security devices inside the home.
  • Sensors that allow you to operate your home devices through alternate methods and systems such as smartphone interactivity, RFID security tags and NFC chips.

Why should you have a Smart Security System?

But why should you invest in all of this home security technology? We haven’t answered that question yet. Don’t worry though. We will with this next section.

Broadly speaking, the reason to own a smart home security system is to improve your current home security system. If you are renovating your home and updating your appliances, you should absolutely update your home security system as well. After all, it is certainly easier to pick or break a deadbolt lock than it is to hack a smart home security lock.

But, let’s get into more specific reasons below.

Maintain Your Privacy

It’s not just about making sure strangers can’t enter your home uninvited. Sometimes, you need time to yourself, which these smart home security devices can help facilitate. Through simple actions, using the latest in home security technology, you can control the level at which you need to interact with the outside world from your home.

  • Get notified every time someone approaches or tries to interact with your door’s home security devices
  • See whoever wants to enter your home via security cameras
  • Interact with them from anywhere in your home
  • Set your home security locks so that they cannot be opened from the outside during a specific period of time

Deter Potential Crime

Imagine you’re looking to break into someone’s home. Do you think you’d go for a home that’s decked out with the latest in security technology, to the point where you’d have to pull off Ocean’s Eleven levels of planning to circumvent its Smart Security System? Or, are you going to go for the home with a simple deadbolt lock and nothing else home security-wise?

Smart Home Security Systems don’t just keep people out of your home, they announce that your home security is not worth the effort to even consider breaking into. This makes them an extremely effective security deterrent against potential intruders.

Regulate Who Accesses Your Home

These devices give you complete security and control over who gets to enter your home, even when you’re not there. You can control your security locks remotely to let people in, you can send PIN security codes that people can use to enter your home, you can create intervals in which your security locks can be opened from the outside, and you can even get a comprehensive log that tells you who has tried to enter your home and when. That way, you are always aware of who wants to enter your home at whatever time, and you can always respond accordingly.

Lower Your Homeowner’s Insurance

Not only does your security system work as a means of deterring crime, it also lets your home insurance provider know that your home is protected by a sophisticated collection of security technology. This results in a more secure home, but it also creates an incentive for your home insurance provider to lower your premiums. After all, why pay more for a home that is less likely to be broken into?

Remain Aware of Your Surroundings

You can set up your security devices so that they send you push notifications for a wide range of instances. That way, you’re always aware of those who interact with your smart security system; including who they are, what time and date they interacted with your security lock, and whether or not they actually entered your home.

Having this information allows you to gauge the success of your Smart Security System and make security changes wherever necessary.

Improve Your Electricity Management

Being able to remotely control all of these electrical security devices gives you the ability to also regulate your power consumption, on top of the security of your house. For example, if you accidentally leave any of these security devices on, they can be easily shut off. You don’t have to leave them on, to the point where they needlessly consume power and raise your electricity bills.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Remember what we said before about how your goal should be to never need your Smart Security System, but to have it anyway? This is one of the major security reasons as to why. It’s a lot easier to go about your daily life with the security that, in the rare event that somebody tries to tamper with your house, your house will be secure.

Why are Digital Door Locks a Crucial Element of a Smart Security System?

Digital door locks play a crucial role in security systems, because they are effectively the centrepiece. Every other security device exists to aid the security door lock, which is the direct obstruction between your home and a potential intruder.

Where are the Benefits of Having High Quality Digital Door Locks?

It goes without saying that security locks really live up to their name. They are a sophisticated way to keep your home safe and offer you a whole new level of security and control over who gets to enter your house.

  • Remotely control whether or not your door is locked using your phone and its security app
  • View a digital record of everybody that has interacted with your security lock; including what time they did it, and whether they entered or exited
  • Grant regular visitors a key to unlock the door at exact days and times that you specify using your app
  • Create a one-time use security password for one of your guests to use using the app

What Kinds of Digital Door Locks are There?

At Digital Door Locks, you can get many different types of security locks, including;

Where Can I Buy High Quality Digital Door Locks?

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When you’re ready to put together your Smart Security System, contact us and we will help you achieve maximum security for your home.