How to Secure Your Home: Ways To Keep Your Home Safe


Security is an important part of owning a home. You want to make sure that you have as many items as you need to deter any potential intruders. There are many solutions available that can aid the security of your home; some relatively low tech, others using more sophisticated technology.

Of course, we recommend digital door locks. 

However, digital door locks are just one of a number of options you are recommended to take when it comes to home security. 

In this article, we’ll outline the different tools that you can use to keep your home safe and secure.

What can you use to secure your home?

Automated lights

Lights? That’s it? Well, think about it this way; you know how, when you leave your place at night, you keep a light on so that potential intruders will look at your home and think “yep, that place is currently occupied, I guess I’m moving onto the next one”.

Well, now you don’t even have to worry about leaving the light on, because your house can do it for you. Smart lights can be programmed to mimic your habits, turning off and on at certain times of day.

Digital door locks

We mean it when we say that digital door locks are one of the best ways to secure your home. With the latest in smart lock technology, you can open your doors in a variety of ways;

  • Using an app on your smartphone to control the lock remotely
  • Using a fingerprint scanner embedded in the smart lock
  • Typing out a PIN code onto a keypad
  • Scanning an RFID tag
  • Even using a good old-fashioned key

Not only does this offer you an unprecedented level of convenience, but all of these features are great solutions to keep out potential intruders. Additionally, the app will automatically register everybody that interacts with your smart lock, including whether they entered or exited, and the day/time the interaction took place.


It’s not the most sophisticated way to lock a door, but there’s nothing wrong with a classic deadbolt lock. It’s the most common kind of lock because it can accommodate the doors of most homes. If you are not ready to transition to a smart lock yet, you need to at least have this on your front door if you want it to be able to keep out any potential intruders. A door with a deadbolt will always be better than a door with nothing at all.

Digital doorbell

Digital doorbells are a device that you can easily attach to the entrance of your home, as it’s basically a doorbell that uses motion sensors, activating when somebody approaches your front door. Typically, they are used to alert you when a visitor or a delivery person is at your door. However, it can also be used to alert you in the event that an intruder is lingering around your property for whatever reason, thanks to its infrared night vision capabilities.

Door chains

Door chains are a simple (and incredibly affordable) way to keep your door locked against anybody outside. It’s a small mechanism that attaches your door to its frame, allowing you to both keep your door locked but also open it slightly to communicate with the outside world. That’s right, you can keep someone out, and also tell them to leave at the same time without having to worry that your message won’t be clear enough. 

Door viewers

It’s such a simple yet elegant concept. Door viewers are a great way to survey who is trying to get through your front door (without them noticing). It’s cheaper and easier than setting up a surveillance camera, allowing you to check your perimeter on a budget. Don’t worry about having to say hello to the intruder on your doorstep, and instead say goodbye to the element of surprise, thanks to door viewers.


This sounds like an obvious one, right? A gate is a large deterrent to any unwelcome visitors. Yet, it’s amazing how many homeowners overlook a simple gate out the front of their home. It’s not just that gates are a physical barrier between intruders and your house. Sometimes, all it takes to ward off any intruders is a gate that looks like enough of an obstacle. Any steps that you can take to make your home look like less of an easy target will help in the long run.


Never underestimate the power of gravel. If lights help you see potential intruders, gravel helps you hear them. Layer out a gravelly surface over pavers, on paths and especially the base of windows (a very appealing entry point for break ins), and you’ll have another effective deterrent against potential intruders. If an intruder decides that they want to risk the gravel, they’ll either have to move inhumanly slow, or they’ll have to try and break in before the loud crunching alerts everybody in the neighbourhood.

Key safes

Leaving a key inside a fake rock or under a pot plant is just not the answer anymore. If you need to leave a key for a guest, but you don’t want to get a digital door lock for whatever reason, you can get a small safe that you can mount to the nearby wall and keep a spare key inside. 

Outdoor security cameras

Outdoor security cameras are great tools for home security because they combine so many of the best aspects of various entries on this list. Not only do you get the high quality video surveillance of security cameras, but outdoor security cameras also come equipped with motion sensor lights and even siren alarms. They’re one of the best deterrents if you’re worried about potential break ins. Depending on the outdoor security cameras you get, you can also get push notifications when the cameras catch something, and you can watch the security footage in real time.


“Plants? Are you serious? Now’s not the time for jokes!”

Wait. Hear us out. Imagine this scenario; somebody is trying to break into your house for whatever reason. You’ve got an impressive set up on your front door that they don’t want to mess with, so they opt to go for one of your windows instead. But, you haven’t made it easy because you’ve planted roses, agaves, bougainvillaeas or any other prickly plants that they are now going to have to traverse to get to your window. See where we’re going with this?


Safes are great, because they are reinforced containers that can protect any of your valuables against intruders, and even the elements as well. All you need to do is remember the numerical combination, and you’re all set. Good luck to anybody who wants to try and break into your reinforced safe to steal your valuables without getting caught (trust us, they’re really going to need it). 

Security door

It’s in the name! Nothing says security like a big, steel door that lets any potential intruders know that your house is fortified. Of course, if you think steel is a bit excessive, you can always opt for an aluminium frame, which may not be as sturdy but is secure nonetheless. Another perk of security doors is that, if you live in a coastal area, aluminium doors are corrosion resistant as well. You can protect your door against intruders and the elements.

Sensor lights

Motion sensor lights are not only easy to install, but they have two distinct uses that can make your home safer. The first is that they serve as a guide, both for you and any guests. The more visibility they offer at night, the less likely you or any of your loved ones are going to risk an injury or a bump. The other use is that it can scare off anybody who is loitering around your property at night.

Window alarms

If someone tries to break into your house, and they find that your door looks impenetrable, chances are they’ll resort to trying to open, or even break your window. In the event in which this happens, a great home security tool is the window alarm, which emits a piercing wail that alerts everybody in the vicinity that something is amiss. Sure, it might be loud, but intruders revoked their right to peace and quiet when they tried to break into your house.

Wire free security cameras

Wire free security cameras are a portable, convenient alternative to your usual security cameras, providing accessible and effective home security. They don’t require an electrician to install, and you can move them around at will. Because they are battery operated, it is easy to set them up anywhere, and they aren’t affected by power outages. If somebody tries to enter your property during a blackout, you will be able to record their efforts without them realising.

What is the best way to secure your home?

It goes without saying that smart locks really live up to their name. They are a sophisticated way to keep your home safe and offer you a whole new level of control over who gets to enter your house.

  • Remotely control whether or not your door is locked using your phone
  • View a digital record of everybody that has interacted with your smart lock; including what time they did it, and whether they entered or exited
  • Grant regular visitors a key to unlock the door at exact days and times that you specify using your app
  • Create a one-time use password for one of your guests to use using the app

What kinds of digital door locks are there?

At Digital Door Locks, you can get many different types of smart locks, including;

  • Deadbolt door locks
  • Fingerprint door locks
  • Mortise door locks
  • Non-handle door locks
  • PIN code door locks
  • Push-pull handle door locks

Where can I get high quality digital door locks?

You can get high quality smart locks from Digital Door Locks, a premier business partner with Samsung Group. We supply Samsung’s premium keyless door locks over three states, 400 retailers and over 100,000 happy customers. Our high quality services have resulted in a wealth of five star reviews from satisfied customers. 

Whether you’ve decided the best smart locks for you, or you still need some more help, contact us and we will help you achieve maximum security for your home.