Best keyless door locks: Best Smart Door Locks Australia


Welcome to the future of digital door locks! Gone are the days of fumbling for keys, only to realise that you left them somewhere, only to go to that place and realise that they’re not there, only to panic because you’re mental blanking and you’re running late and… you get the idea. We’ve all been there. That’s just life pre smart locks. But, thanks to smart door locks, that is now the past.

Smart door locks make it both easy and convenient for you to secure your home, but what are the best keyless smart locks? 

Well, Samsung have pioneered many different appliances in their lengthy tenure, and they have brought the same ingenuity and innovation to their range of smart locks, which are easily the best smart locks available.

If you’re looking for a range of the best keyless door locks, your best bet is to pick from the ones below. After all, they’re the best selling door locks we offer. 

Not only do they come with our high standard of quality, but they also have a wealth of five star reviews from satisfied customers across Australia.

7 Best Keyless Door Locks

  1. SHP-DH538 AU Type - The Best Heavy Duty Solution

The SHP-DH538 Autype is one of Samsung’s most sophisticated locks. Its mortise build makes it a heavy duty security device, and its security capabilities are bolstered by a huge range of features, including:

  • Double authentication - If you want your home to be even more secure, you can set this lock so that it requires a PIN code and a fingerprint scan to unlock
  • Away mode - If you’re outside of the house, you can start this setting at the push of a button, activating an alarm that will alert you if your lock is operated from inside your house (a sign that an intruder is trying to leave)
  • Intrusion Alarm - With this tried and tested prank prevention function, the lock will disable key authentication for 3 minutes and sound a warning if somebody tries to forcibly open the door, or incorrectly enters their PIN 5 consecutive times
  • Security Assurance - In the event that you need privacy, you can set the lock to prevent itself from unlocking from the outside
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  1. SHP-DS510 - The Best For Ease Of Use

SHP-DS510 - The Best For Ease Of Use

The SHP-DS510 is a small and convenient solution that is easy to install (thanks to its voice-guided set up), while still providing robust smart lock functionality including multiple unlock methods. If you are not comfortable remotely unlocking your smart lock with your phone, you can use your regular keys, an RFID access card/tag or a PIN code.

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  1. SHP-DH537 - The Best Alternative to the SHP-DH538

Samsung Digital Door Locks

If you are looking for the features of the SHP-DH538, but you’d rather have RFID functionality instead of fingerprint scanning, the SHP-DH537 is the lock for you. It provides the double authentication, away mode, intrusion alarm and security assurance of the SHP-DH538, but you can open your lock with an RFID tag instead of having to use your finger.

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  1. SHP-DR708 - The Best Push-Pull Handle Smart Lock

Samsung Digital Door Locks

If you want a smart lock with a smaller alternative to a door handle, the SHP-DR708 has just that, with a large open/close button that is easy to use. Of course, if you personally want a completely hands-off approach to your smart lock, you can always just use your phone and completely control the lock from the app as well.

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  1. SHP-DP609 - The Best Feature-Heavy Push-Pull Handle Smart Lock

Samsung Digital Door Locks

If you’re looking for a push-pull handle smart lock that offers you multiple unlocking methods, double verification, Wi-Fi supported app control, voice guidance for easy set up and a wealth of other security features; the SHP-DP609 is the smart lock for you.

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  1. SHS-3321 - The Best Non-Handle Smart Lock

Samsung Digital Door Locks

The SHS-3321 is a great non-handle smart lock because it is a compact, easy to install and easy to use lock that seamlessly integrates with your existing deadbolt system to provide you with effective smart lock functions. This includes PIN codes, key tags and an easy to access volume control knob.

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  1. SHP-A30 - The Best Minimalist Smart Lock

Samsung Digital Door Locks

Whether it’s for security or even aesthetic purposes, you sometimes don’t want a large unit that announces to the outside world that you have a smart lock. That’s why the SHP-A30 still provides smart lock functionality such as multiple unlocking methods, away mode, intrusion alarm and security assurance while having an unassuming appearance.

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How do you determine the best keyless door smart locks?

There are many ways to assess the best smart locks, but the most effective way is to try to determine which smart locks work best for you personally. Instead of just listing smart locks, a more productive approach would be to look at the categories with which you can group different smart locks.

These locks categories range from the functions that all smart locks provide, to the available handle and types of locks. That way, you know what to look for when it comes to the best smart locks for you.


Features are what separate the best smart locks from traditional deadbolts of yore. They offer you the best possible smart control over your locks by offering even more methods of smart locking and unlocking.

In the typical fashion of the best smart locks, these features are accessible through a smartphone app that connects directly to smart locks via Wi-fi or Mobile Data. Other features relate to the physical build of the smart locks (i.e. the type of physical locks the smart locks interact with, and the different kinds of smart unlocking mechanisms that smart locks provide). 

Ultimately, they give you the ability to personalise your smart locks so that they best suit your individual needs. 

Digital Access

This is the most universal feature that all smart locks have, making them the best alternative to traditional locks. In the digital age, where more and more of our daily tasks are relegated to our smartphones, it’s the best option to use our phone to lock and unlock smart locks as well.

The best part is that all smart locks come with an app that allows you to control the smart locks remotely over a Wi-Fi or data connection. In addition to the basic smart locking and unlocking of doors, the smart locks app also allow you to:

  • Generate a one-time use password that guests can use to unlock your smart locks when you are unavailable to let them in
  • Create a customised duration key for regular visitors, in which guests can unlock the smart locks whenever necessary during a specified day/time period
  • View a register of everybody who interacts with the smart locks, including whether they are entering and exiting, or what time they arrive


In case you are unable to access your phone for whatever reason, smart locks have built in alternative methods for smart unlocking.

Fingerprint scanning is one of the best, most innovative examples of this. There is a small smart reader on the surface of these smart locks that responds to physical touch, scanning the fingerprint. If the scanned fingerprint matches one saved in the smart locks, the door will unlock.

Not only is it the best smart unlocking method in terms of convenience, because you don’t need any external objects and your fingers act as smart keys; it is also a very robust security method, because fingerprints are entirely unique.


Radio frequency identification tags (RFID) are amongst the best ways for you to physically interact with your smart locks in the event that you can’t use your phone. 

Similar to fingerprint scanning, RFID involves a small scanner on the smart locks that react to the correct key to unlock the door. However, instead of your fingerprint, the smart key is a small key tag that you can attach to your existing keyring. It’s certainly the best alternative to having to mess with physical keys.

The RFID scanner on the smart locks use low range radio frequencies to identify and communicate with the RFID key tag. Because RFID tags include cryptographic security features, they can be individually verified by the scanner. This means that not just anybody with an RFID tag can unlock your door, only your RFID tag will work.

Traditional Key

While we have been critical of old fashioned keys, we know that there are people who swear by them. And, that’s okay! There is no reason why a traditional key can’t be the best smart unlocking method for you. Keys are a tried and tested method of locking and unlocking doors, and it certainly doesn’t hurt for smart locks to work with traditional keys as an option.

A lot of the best smart locks have built in key holes that can be opened with keys as an alternative to remote smart locking/unlocking. This is especially true if the smart locks in question are attached to existing deadbolt locks as opposed to replacing it. Some find this to be the best option, as they can still use the old keys that they’re used to while also having other smart options.

Handle Types

This is another mode of customisation that smart locks provide. Not only can you choose how you lock and unlock your smart door, you can also choose the best way to close and open your smart door based on the physical build of your smart lock.

There are different options available. If the best option for your smart locks is to resemble something more traditional, you can get a standard handle. However, if you would like to try something new, there are different types of smart handles that each bring their own innovation.


A lot of smart locks come without handles. This is for a variety of reasons, such as;

  • If you are incorporating your smart locks onto your current deadbolt locking systems, it would be redundant to have two handles when you can use your old one
  • If you want minimal physical contact with your smart locking unit, for reasons such as convenience or even hygiene, no-handle locks system can accommodate that
  • When you are installing your smart lock, no-handle smart locks lets you buy a separate handle that fits your smart door specifications and personal tastes perfectly


Push-pull handles are small levers that are attached to the smart locks themselves. Unlike regular door handles, which are rotated, push-pull smart handles are either pushed or pulled to lock or unlock a door (hence the name). 

Many find push-pull smart handles easier to use due to the lesser amount of effort and the simpler movement. This can be particularly handy in the event that your hands are full or you are in a hurry to get inside. Additionally, their smaller build makes them more convenient in the event that your locked smart door has a screen door in front of it. 


While these are less common than handle-less smart locks, as well as smart locks that come with integrated push-pull handles, there are many smart locks that come with the classic style door handles as well. 

If you want to completely replace your old locking system but keep a similar style door handle, these kinds of smart locks save you from having to separately purchase another door handle by having one built in.

Types of Locks

Of course, you can’t talk about smart locks without discussing the kinds of smart locking mechanisms that they come with. Smart locks are designed to work with deadbolt locks, either by attaching to an existing deadbolt mechanism or by having one built in. We will discuss the types of smart locks and their variations below.


Deadbolt locks are commonly considered the best types of locks, as they are the most effective and cost efficient way to secure the vast majority of external doors. 

When you are selecting the kinds of smart locks you want to secure your door, your options are;

  • Getting retrofit smart locks that attach to your existing deadbolt locking system and controls it
  • Removing your current deadbolt system and replacing it with a new one that is built into the smart lock

One of the best conveniences of using smart locks with your existing deadbolt system is that you can keep your old keys and use them to open your door if you wish, while also having the best features for smart locks still available.


Mortise locks are an alternative to deadbolts that were typically used for heavier doors, only to find their way to being used in various homes. This lock’s mechanism consists of a combination of the mechanisms for latch locks and a deadbolt locks into a solid lock.

The mortise derives its name from a small rectangular hole which needs to be cut in the side of the door where the entire lock assembly is installed. While this means that mortise locks are a bit harder to install, they more than make up for it with strong security, which is some of the best that keyless door locks can provide.


Rim locks are smaller than mortise and deadbolt locks. This has multiple implications;

  • They are the easiest to install, as they require minimal attachment (we’re talking a few screws) and they can accommodate thinner doors
  • They are less secure than mortise and deadbolt locks, and they are best for providing indoor privacy than outdoor security
  • They are the most convenient of the three locks, as they offer a lot of the features that the other two kinds of locks have, but in a small and simple locking mechanism

Why does Digital Door Locks provide the best keyless door locks?

The best keyless door locks are the ones stocked by Digital Door Locks, a premier business partner with Samsung Group. We supply Samsung’s premium keyless door locks over three states, 400 retailers and over 100,000 happy customers. Our high quality services have resulted in a wealth of five star reviews from satisfied customers. 

Whether you’ve decided the best smart locks for you, or you still need some more help, contact us and we will help you achieve maximum security for your home.