Are Digital Door Locks Safe? How Safe Are Electronic Door Locks?


Many people ask ‘are digital door locks safe?’, and it’s a perfectly valid question. After all, the whole point of digital door locks is to enhance the security of your home. With any emerging technology, including the electronic technology of these new locks, there is always some healthy skepticism. 

But, we are here to say that these door locks are safe. 

What Makes Smart Door Locks Safe?

But, how safe are these door locks? How do you determine what makes electronic door locks safe, especially when compared to the good ol’ fashioned deadbolt that we’ve been using for a very long time? We’ve listed some of the ways in which door locks provide your door with enhanced security below.

You No Longer Need Keys

Remember “Keys, wallet, phone”, the old mantra for when you wanted to leave the house? Keys were one of the most important parts. After all, not only do keys help you open your locks and get back into your place, but keys in the wrong hands means that anybody could unlock your entrance.

Well with these new locks, you can still use a key if you want. But, on the other hand, your phone, voice or even your thumb can be a key for your electronic locks. Not only do you not have to worry about losing your keys, you don’t have to worry about someone else using your keys.

You Can Sync Your Locks with Other Devices

Do you have other devices in your home as well as your electronic locks, like lights or security cameras? All of these electronic items serve security purposes, and you can sync them with your locks in order to create a cohesive and secure electronic home.

For example, you can modify your electronic locks set up so that, when somebody interacts with your lock, your security cameras turn on so you can see who they are and respond accordingly. It’s another level of control for your electronic locks and your home security.

You Can Monitor Your Locks Using Your Phone

With traditional deadbolt locks, you have no way of knowing who has tried to access your home while you are away. However, with these new locks, your phone automatically logs every single time that somebody tries to unlock your entry. 

Additionally, you never have to worry about accidentally leaving the entrance to your home’s  electronic locks unlocked again, because all it takes for you to check your electronic locks is a cursory glance at your phone.

Smart Locks Can Deter Potential Theft

This is a fairly low tech example when it comes to electronic locks, but the high tech appearance of a new lock can be quite intimidating to wannabe intruders. After all, deadbolts might be difficult to pick, but they’re still the kinds of locks where you still only have to pick them.

Electronic locks, on the other hand, require you to circumvent a wide range of scenarios; from picking the lock, to hoping the occupant isn’t alerted to your presence, to hoping that your face isn’t recorded by a security camera. 

Remote Access Gives You Control

One of the major benefits of these new locks is that you have complete control over them through your phone. If you are out of the house, you can open and lock at your leisure to let in any legitimate guests. If somebody tries to enter your house or interact with your electronic locks, you will know about it and you can therefore respond however you want. 

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What Safety Vulnerabilities are There with Smart Locks?

While these new locks are arguably much more secure than old fashioned deadbolts, there are some things to consider when you purchase them. None of these electronic locks related notes are major, but refusing to address them in any capacity can lead to security issues later on, so it would be remiss of us not to mention them.

Installation is Typically More Expensive than Traditional Deadbolts

You get what you pay for, and the major technological upgrade that new locks offer comes with a slight increase in price; from the lock itself, to electronic locks installation, to potential modifications, to batteries.

So, if you don’t have a steady supply of batteries for your electronic locks or your lock hasn’t been properly installed, you risk a period in which your lock is out of commission, and unable to help protect your home. 

There are Still Ways to Break into a Smart Lock

These new locks are near impenetrable, but there are still ways to break through a lock. If it is a lock with a keyhole, it can be lock picked. Like with traditional locks, these new locks are susceptible to blunt force. Given that new locks run on software, there is also the possibility of cyber attacks as well (although lock manufacturers are aware of this and have developed software that is as secure as possible).

However, these are extremely unlikely scenarios that are not befitting the vast majority of these new locks. The typical intruder is looking for an easy lock to pick, not electronic locks that require a degree in cyber security or a police grade battering ram. 

You Need to be Aware of Your Phone at All Times

You might not have to worry about physical keys anymore, thanks to these new locks. But, if you’re the kind of person that easily loses track of their phone, you may have a problem. 

While there are ways to use your lock in the event of losing your phone, and your smartphone app has functions to keep the settings for your electronic locks secure from prying eyes, it still can prove to be a bit of an annoyance that you just don’t need.

In Conclusion: Are Smart Locks Safe?

The answer is yes.

Now that we have established that these locks are safe, contact us and we’ll help you find the best locks for your home.