How Do Smart Locks Work? Learn About Smart Locks and Their Uses


“How do smart locks work?” is a question that we get from a lot of people interested in bolstering their home security, and we get it. Security is not a joke. You don’t want to put all of your faith in a piece of technology you don’t understand, you want to make sure that you know how it works so you can be 100% sure your property is safe. 

That is where we come in. 

Samsung has used the same innovation and technology used for their other appliances to create smart locks that are full of features, but also easy to understand.

 In this article, we’ll go through different types of smart locks and outline what they can do.

But, before we do that…

How do smart locks work?

A smart lock is a unit that is installed in an existing door (either attaching to the door’s deadbolt lock or replacing it with a new locking mechanism). No matter what kind of door you have, it will be able to fit a smart lock, requiring only a small amount of modification at the most which can be easily implemented by a carpenter. 

Once installed, you have complete control over the smart lock, locking and unlocking your door either physically or remotely via your smartphone using an app. Through either a Wi-Fi or data connection, the app sends a command to the lock, telling it to lock or unlock. 

Smart locks operate on standalone batteries, so a power failure on your property will not affect the lock's operation. Depending on daily usage volumes, batteries typically last 12 month.

You can customise how the smartphone app sends an unlock command to the smart lock, i.e.

  • Telling the lock to open for a specified period of time before locking again
  • Creating a single-use PIN code that will unlock the door once

The app will also send you a detailed registry of everybody that tries to interact with your smart lock, including important information such as:

  • Who they are
  • The exact day and time they tried to unlock your door
  • Whether they were entering or exiting

What are the additional features of a smart lock?

Remote Unlocking

Using a smartphone app, you can unlock your door anywhere, at any time. Not only do you not need to carry keys, you don’t even need to be close by. All you need is a Wi-Fi or Mobile data connection.

Notice of Arrival

Not only can smart locks provide you with enhanced security, they also give you added peace of mind. Using the app, you can view a digital record of everybody that has interacted with your smart lock; including what time they did it, and whether they entered or exited.

Duration Key for Regular Visitors

One of the problems with old-fashioned locks is having to hide a spare key for somebody else to use. That was such a cumbersome process. With smart locks, you can grant regular visitors a key to unlock the door at exact days and times that you specify using your app.

One-Time Passwords

If you’ve got a guest that needs a key for a single time, you can provide that key in the form of a one-time use password that grants them access.

Types of Smart Locks

Smart locks are a new kind of lock that uses technological advancements in order to provide new avenues for convenience and effectiveness regarding home security. Samsung has different kinds of locks to meet the needs of different homes, each with their own features and builds. Here is a smart guide to the way in which each of these smart lock types work.

Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolts are a tried and tested method of keeping doors locked, so we understand if you’re not ready to part ways with your deadbolt lock. Deadbolt door locks combine the enhanced control and sophisticated technology of a smart lock with the classic deadbolt mechanism to provide you with effective home security.

Examples of deadbolt door locks include:

  • Digital door lock SHP-DS510
  • Digital door lock SHS-3321
  • Samsung SHP-A30

Fingerprint Door Locks

The future is now! Who knew that the advanced biometrics of fingerprint scanning would become so accessible? Fingerprint door locks allow you to use the unique identifier of your thumbprint as the key to unlock your door, providing you with convenience on top of security.

Examples of fingerprint door locks include:

  • Digital door lock SHP-DH538
  • Samsung SHP-DP609
  • Samsung SHP-DR708
  • Samsung SHP-A30
  • Samsung SHS-P718

Mortise Door Locks

What even is a mortise door lock? It functions similarly to a deadbolt door lock. However, the major difference is the combination between the lock and its latch. While a typical deadbolt door lock keeps the deadbolt separate from the latch, a mortise lock combines the deadbolt and the latch, which is installed into a rectangular hole (called the mortise). 

Examples of mortise door locks include:

  • Digital door lock SHP-DH538
  • Digital door lock SHP-DH537
  • Samsung SHP-DP609
  • Samsung SHP-DR708
  • Digital Door Lock SHS-P717
  • Samsung SHS-P718

Non-Handle Door Locks

Are door handles a thing of the past? Not really. They still work like a charm. Sometimes though, you don’t need a handle with your door lock. Maybe you are content with the handle that your door already has. Maybe you are looking for a more hygienic lock solution that doesn’t require you to touch a handle in the first place. That’s where non-handle door locks come in.

Examples of non-handle door locks include:

  • Digital door lock SHP-DS510
  • Digital door lock SHS-3321
  • Samsung SHP-A30
  • Samsung SHP-DS705

PIN Code Door Locks

You know the way in which safes work by allowing you to set a PIN code that you can then use to keep your things safe while having a convenient method of accessing them that only requires you to remember a PIN as opposed to having to carry a key?

Well, PIN code door locks operate on the same kind of logic. You devise a numerical PIN code that you can then use to unlock your door at your discretion and convenience.

Push-Pull Handle Door Locks

Push-pull handle door locks are smart locks that work with a simple locking/unlocking mechanism that involves pushing or pulling a handle. With this design, security and simplicity come together to keep your home secure while ensuring convenience and ease of access for you.

Examples of push-pull handle door locks include:

  • Samsung SHP-DP609
  • Samsung SHP-DR708
  • Digital door lock SHS-P717
  • Samsung SHS-P718

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