What Are the Most Common Lock Types in Australia?


Locks are critical to any property's security and are necessary for safeguarding our homes, businesses, and personal items. Unfortunately, according to statistics, there is a burglary in Australia every three minutes, an unacceptably high incidence of break-ins and burglaries. 

Given these numbers, high-quality locks are a need to protect our homes. There are numerous varieties of locks on the market, and each has particular advantages and qualities. 

But not all locks are created equal, so it's critical to pick the appropriate kind of lock for your specific requirements.

It's essential to spend on sturdy, high-quality locks rather than less expensive, less secure models when it comes to locks. In addition to offering better security, high-quality locks will also last longer and enable you to make long-term financial savings. 

This article will take a closer look at the common types of locks found in Australia and their typical uses. 



Deadbolts are one of the most popular and secure types of locks in Australia. They are typically used on front and back doors as an extra layer of security, and are designed to be difficult to pick or force open. 

Deadbolts have a keyed cylinder on one side and a thumb turn on the other, allowing the lock to be opened from the inside without a key. They can also be locked and unlocked by turning the key in the cylinder.  

When choosing a deadbolt for your property, it is important to look for locks that have been tested and certified to meet Australian Standards (AS4145.2-2008). This will ensure that the lock has been independently tested and meets certain standards for security and durability.

Looking for examples? 

Here are a few! 

Rim Locks

Rim Locks

Rim locks are another popular type of lock in Australia, and are often found on older homes. They are mounted on the surface of the door, rather than being recessed into the door like a deadbolt. 

Rim locks have a latch that is operated by a key on the outside and a thumb turn on the inside. They are not as secure as deadbolts, but they can be a good option for interior doors.

Mortise Locks

Mortise Locks

A Mortise lock is a type of lock that is installed into a pocket or mortise in the door, rather than on the surface of the door like a deadbolt. 

They are typically more secure than Rim locks and are commonly used in commercial and industrial settings. 

Mortise locks have a keyed cylinder on one side and a thumb turn on the other, allowing the lock to be opened from the inside without a key. They can also be locked and unlocked by turning the key in the cylinder.

One of the most popular types of mortise locks in Australia is the SAMSUNG SHP-DP609. This mortise lock is a digital lock which allows you to access your property with a pin code, RFID card, or a key. It also features a durable and robust design, making it suitable for heavy-duty commercial and industrial use.

Looking for more options? 

Smart Locks

Smart Locks

Smart locks are a newer type of lock that can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or other device. 

They are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, and are often used in residential settings. Smart locks can be locked and unlocked remotely, and can also be programmed to allow access to certain people at certain times. 

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