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Item Details
Access Mode Phone APP (Wi-Fi), Fingerprint, PIN
Max User Memory 1 Master User (PIN), 50 Users (PIN), 50 Fingerprints, 10 Mobile App Users
Power DC 6V (AA Alkaline batteries) x 4
Battery Life Approximately 6 months (Average 10 times per day)
Weight 2.1 kg (including both inner and outer bodies)
Product Dimensions Outer Body : 71(W) x 136(H) x 32.7(D)mm Inner Body : 77(W) x 184.1(H) x 50.3(D)mm
Applicable Door Thickness 35-55mm
Face Bore 54mm
Warranty Info 2 Year Electrical Warranty; 7 Year Mechanical Warranty
※ App Download
samsung app icon
Please download the smartphone app:
"Samsung Smart Doorlock” from Google Play or App Store.


Link to download Samsung Smart Door Lock APP


Link to Samsung Smart Door Lock Google Store App


※ Recommended OS
OS Version : Android V4.3 ~ / iOS V8.0 ~

1) The app service supports most smartphone models. However, in some cases, service can be disabled or limited according to the product models. 
2) Unlocking with NFC feature is available for NFC-enabled Android phones with NFC-enabled USIM chips.

Issue sharing keys was reported in the past few weeks, the mobile application has been updated and its all fixed, we thank you for your patience and support.

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Product Overview

Customer Reviews

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Nice lock

Good product, recommended

Bad news

The code feature doesn’t work on iPhones in Australia. Samsung are very tight lipped about it and all they say is “we are working on it” for the past 3 months !!
It’s a nightmare so don’t buy.

I am about to rip it out and seek a refund as I’m about done waiting. This will mean fixing the fire door it’s in probably as I am sure the replacement won’t work in the same holes. So bad.

Sandeep Menon
Excellent convenience at a great price

I bought the Samsung SHPA30 model smart door lock from Bunnings 6 months ago and I must say am happily satisfied with my purchase! The model looks compact, smart and elegant on the door with really good smart features like fingerprints scanning, randomiser code entering, privacy mode, temporary pin generations, access logs and many more features. What a great lock to have and complemented by a great support team who helped me in the installation and technical part. The installation itself has pretty smooth as it came with lot of product videos to help you navigate your way. It is a retro fit mode which means you can simply replace your old deadbolt with this one. Complete peace of mind and you can now leave home without the worry of picking keys…am loving it.

Who needs keys?

We have had this keyless lock for almost a year now. I love how I can keep tabs via the iPhone App & also can give temporary pins to people like tradies & cleaners. The only issue we had so far has been is when we moved to NBN we lost connectivity to the lock but the DigitalDoorLocks customer service was very helpful and I was able to troubleshoot the situation pretty quickly. I should have just called them earlier as I spent a lot of time trying to resolve it myself. Now I know there is good support for this product as well.

Bill Tamlin
Wi-fi problem fixed, Thank you

I bought a Samsung A30 Digital Lock on eBay and even though I am a terrible handyman I was still able to follow the instructions and fit it to my front door.
I didn't have any trouble setting up the keypad and fingerprint but for the life of me the Wi-Fi wouldn't connect the lock to my mobile phone and one of the main reasons I bought this lock was so that the person I am a carer for could unlock and lock the door using Google Home.
After trying everything I could and watching the YouTube video multiple times I finally called Digital Door Locks from the number on the sticker inside the battery cover. It took awhile to solve but I was given instructions over the phone until we were able to overcome the problem and now the Samsung Smart Lock does everything it was meant to do including connecting to Google Home.
Thank you so much for the help, I am fairly sure that without it I wouldn't have gotten the lock to work properly.










It's all about EASY TO USE

Smart Home Integration

Control via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant or Samsung SmartThings. Works with ALL speakers to control door locks.

Complete Control
From Your Phone

The Samsung Smart Door Lock series helps control your safety at home and at work. With our world-leading Smart Door Locks, you can easily check and control your door safety with your phone, anywhere and anytime.

How You Benefit

Keep Crime Away

Away Mode

If you go out frequently or leave home for a long time, you can simply push the Home button to activate the Away mode.
After activation, an alarm is set off when the lock is operated from the inside; a sign that a burglar is attempting to make an escape.

Lockout Mode (Protect Mode) 

When more than 5 failed authentication attempts occur, the lock will disable the keypad for 3 minutes for security reasons. The lock is re-activated again automatically after 3 minutes.

Privacy Mode

Secure your privacy in-home by preventing your door from unlocking from the outside.
Keep your personal moments safe from unexpected interference by outside visitors.

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