Samsung Digital Door Lock SHS-3120 ( discontinued )

SHS-3120/ SHS-3121 Samsung Digital Door Locks

Solid Construction and Complete Security

The Samsung EZON SHS-3120 deadbolt offers state-of-the-art construction for users looking for the utmost in safety and security for home or business. These high quality digital door locks offer the quality and craftsmanship that users have come to expect from Samsung.

As one of the world's most advanced companies, Samsung continues to provide innovative products that benefit the lives of their customers. The SHS-3120 Samsung Digital Door Locks are made specifically with the Australian market in mind.

  • Samsung EZON Keyless Digital Deadbolt
  • A slim Ezon Samsung Digital Door
  • Locks SHS-3120/ SHS-3121 with a touch sensor.

Offering Peak Functionality

To ensure complete security and to prevent potential tampering from outdoors, the indoor unit handles the programming, bolt control, and credential verification of the SHS-3120. By this means, safety of the entire system is controlled from the inside. Additionally, this unit is conducive to a wide variety of environments including extremely high and low temperatures.

Samsung has carefully designed their digital door locks so that the outside unit is just a RFID reader and keypad that transmits raw data. The outdoor lock is also completely safe from tampering. In fact, even if the unit is damaged or the batteries are drained, the door will stay shut.

However, getting inside is no trouble at all with Samsung digital door locks. There is a manual override that is controlled from the interior. In fact, Samsung digital door locks can be easily linked to a video intercom so that a person on the inside can easily release the lock. Samsung digital door locks and video intercom flawlessly interface.

Product Manual

DIY Unit Means Cost Savings

Further, the user can conveniently and easily install Samsung digital door locks, as this is a DIY unit. Samsung's convenient installation means that you can save the expense and hassle of calling a locksmith.

Other key features of the SHS3120

Digital Door Locks include:

  • Shatter resistance
  • Prevention Against Electronic Discharge
  • Tamper Resistance

Accessibility for Outside Users

To open the door from the outside, the user simply hits the silver action bar to activate the unit. He or she then enters a 4-12 digit pin authentication number or use the RFID card authentication method. The user waves the RFID card in front of the unit to open the door.

  • 70 Users can be added to the system
  • Each user can be assigned a pin number or card
  • Easy to add and remove users
  • To make changes to users, the administrator uses a master pin number. This ensures that only parties with advance permission have access to these controls.

Automatic Locking Through a Magnetic Sensor.

The Samsung SHS-3120 digital door locks offer magnetic sensors for the inside of the door. This added feature is optional and can be easily enabled or disabled. This detector will automatically lock the door 2 seconds after it is closed. The bolt will not be placed if you open the door before the 2 seconds has elapsed. Further, the automatic locking feature with the magnetic sensor has a basic alarm function in case the door is opened in another manner.

Additional User Details for Samsung SHS3120 Digital Door Locks:

  • Self-contained unit. The fact that the digital door locks are self-contained units means that no outside software is necessary. This also means that the lock will operate without electricity. Even if the power is cut, your locks will still remain safe.
  • Simple programming. All instruction for operating the digital door locks is covered in the product manual. Most users find Samsung SHS-3120 Digital Door Locks to be extremely easy and user-friendly.
  • Easy installation. Digital door locks are installed in Australian doors through deadbolts.
  • The deadbolt hole should be 60mm and 70mm backset. No additional holes are required.
  • Powered by standard AA batteries. Your digital door locks will take 4 standard AA batteries and operates at a low efficient cost. At a rate of 10 door entries per day, the batteries last approximately one year. Additionally, a 9V emergency power supply can be used as backup power source.
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User access code digits: 4~12 Capacity (RFID card): 70password or Cards Capacity (Fingerprint): None Multi-leveled Security CodeEntry: No MechanicalOverride Keys: No Lockset: Tubular lock AutoSliding Cover: No ApplicableDoor Depth: 40~50mm Material: Zn,Al, ABS Plastic Humidity: 20~80% Power: DC6V (Alkaline AA Battery 4 pcs)